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Whether you are looking for Mockups, Comps, Heros, Prototypes, Props, sales samples, replicas, factices or models, ColorMage can create them all.

Packaging Prototypes, Mockups, and Comps so real it is impossible to distinguish them apart from the actual product.

Do not distract Focus Groups, Store Buyers and Decision Makers with poor imitations. ColorMage Packaging Prototypes, Mockups and Comps can replicate all the specialty packaging finishes including metallics, foils, varnishes and embossing.

You have invested your resources, energy and reputation in a great design, reflect it with a quality mockup that will accurately communicate and sell your design whether it’s a simple CMYK folding carton or a package with attention grabbing vibrant spot colors and foils.


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Pharmacies, Big Box and Department stores are demanding Sales Samples, Mockups or Comps for proof of UPC scanability and to verify functionality and footprint before consenting to receive merchandise. ColorMage Prototypes, and Mockups meet all their requirements.

A mockup enables your audience to experience your concept with all of their senses, a powerful tool giving you the edge over the common presentation materials that others may have used. Engage your audience completely with a 3D mockup or custom promotional object. Keep them talking long after you have left by leaving a standout visual reminder of your presentation.

A ColorMage mockup saves a thousand words, changes, errors, hours . . .