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Rub on transfers, Letraset, rub down transfers, custom dry transfers, Chromatecs and Hotstamp foil transfers are just a few of the names for a translucent sheet with an image that can be transferred from the translucent sheet on to another surface.

ColorMage dry rub on transfers can reproduce almost any color including custom and exact Pantone® color matches, metallics, foils, pearlescent and fluorescents, colors that Inkjet or Laser printers just can’t reproduce.

Rub on transfers can be applied to practically any surface and are the perfect solution for difficult curved surfaces where a label or print just won’t do.


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Tiny text, photographic images, large surfaces or other challenging situations are routine procedures for ColorMage’s technicians. Our 4 distinct transfer systems ensures ColorMage has the solution for every need, solutions that many others can not offer.

ColorMage offers the largest sheet sizes available. We arrange your art to yield the most economical layout, splitting large sheet sizes into color zones of variable sizes.

Order from ColorMage, professionals to crafts makers alike, for easy to apply, delicate surface safe, residue free rub on transfers.